(B.Th) Christian Education

   Core Course Requirements                            
0 credits
Major Requirements                              
 60 credits
True Faith
Apologetics 1
Christian History I
Critical Thinking I
Creative Writing I
Creative Writing II
Exegesis Book of Acts I & II
History of Christian Doctrine I
Introduction to Bible Study Methods
Introduction to Evangelism
Introduction to Missions
Life of Christ I & II
Life of Paul I & II
New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey I
Recommended Essay IV      

Apologetics II
Balancing the Christian Life
Bible Study Methods
Christian Counseling I
Critical Thinking Tongues & Predestination
Exegesis Book of Matthew
Exegesis Book of Philippians
Exegesis Book of Romans
Evangelism I
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Research
Jesus the Teacher I & II
Principles of Teaching I & II
Systematic Theology I
Systematic Theology II              

Degree Requirements: 120 credits

18 – 24 Months Accelerated Program. Credits requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education is 120 credits.

Must Have a High School Diploma or GED to Enroll