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Notes only for Movement for Christ Presentation

Slide # 1 – will point out to the audience that this is from the WEB Site and that we are communicating in 3 languages.


Welcome to “MOVEMENT FOR CHRIST International Ministry


This is an Evangelical Ministry. It started with resources and personnel from member
Churches involved in both evangelism and benevolence, without regard to denominational
affiliation.  Later it spread to surrounding countries.



Bienvenue au “MOUVEMENT POUR CHRIST Ministère  International”

Cette Organisation Chrétienne  est une Association Evangélique.  Elle a commencé avec des ressources humaines des Eglises Membres, ainsi que le personnel actif, indépendamment de l’affiliation dénominationnelle.  Plus tard, ce Mouvement Evangélique a fait extension vers d’autres Pays, en commencant par les Pays limitrophes.


Ikaze kuri Website ya  UMURYANGO WAMAMAZA KRISTO “Ivugabutumwa Mpuzamahanga”

Uyu Muryango wa Gikristo ni Ishyirahamwe ry’Ivugabutumwa. Watangiranye n’Aba Pasteri, n’Abavugabutumwa bo mu Matorero  ya Gikristo atandukanye, yizera YESU KRISTO byukuri,  hatitaweho Itorero buri wese aturutsemo.  Nyuma, uyu Muryango warenze imipaka ukorera no mubindi bihugu, uhereye ku bihugu bidukikije.







Slide # 2 – I will simply read the following notes.


I will refer to existing Ministry, founded by Pastor Silas Kanyabigega, as “MPC” throughout remainder of this presentation.  The “MPC” comes from the French name “Mouvement Pour Christ”.

Notice that emphasis is on evangelism.  Many benevolent ministries are also carried out by MPC.

My name is Jim Worcester.  I’ll be making presentation today.  I’m also developer for the WEB Site at



Any questions or suggestions outside of this meeting today, may be addressed to Pastor Silas Kanyabigega at

The Scene used in background shows volcanic mountainous terrain of Rwanda.

Slide # 3 – I will probably speak without following the notes exactly.


This is an existing (and exciting) ministry.

Much more information can be found on WEB Site noted on another slide.

There are people in Dayton area who have immigrated from Rwanda and other African countries who have a connection to families and Churches in Africa.

President of MPC is here in USA.  He needs a new base to work from.  This, however, also provides an opportunity for greater outreach here in America, in Africa, and Europe.

Remember that Europe is ancestry of majority of Americans.  We know there is a great falling away in Europe.  Because of past colonialism and current economic and political ties of most African countries to Europe, that also would give us greater access to Europe.  And I remind you that in case of our Episcopal Church here in America, conservatives are breaking away as Anglican congregations and associating with Anglicans in Africa and South America.  The center of conservative Christianity is shifting away from Western Culture.

We need a fresh perspective to recognize insidious nature of culture around us and how it is impacting our churches, our church population, and our steadfastness to Biblical principles.


Slide # 4 – I would add the following phrase after reviewing the bullets on the slide.


This endeavor would involve a unique set of ministries in Dayton area.  And it would provide an opportunity for a cross-denominational ministry for Americans in Africa.


Slide # 5 – I would refer to the fact that the Ministry is already established overseas.  Then I would refer to the Link to the WEB page along with a few qualifications.


Please refer to WEB Site to see how MPC is organized.

Note that the link I’ve listed is for English.  One level above this is a Multi-Lingual Page .  Everything is written in English, French, and Kinyarwanda.

The English content is not complete.


Slide # 6 – I will appeal to someone in our audience to suggest a way to fill in these statistics on the basis that the MPC already has European and African connections.


We need help with statistical information to complete this page.


Slide # 7 – I will point to the only statistics I’ve found so far for African immigrants living in Dayton.


I’m having great difficulty finding relevant statistics for African Immigrants in the Dayton Area.

African immigration statistics for Dayton Ohio

Slide # 8 – This is where I’ll start to establish a basis for collaboration in Ministries between Dayton and Africa.


The contacts I’ve made and the churches represented here today have been involved in non-denominational outreaches.  The fact that you’re here today indicates that this continues to be your interest.

The first point in collaboration is sharing our different visions and agreeing to common goals.  The Movement for Christ would seek to do that on a year-by-year and project by project basis.  Please do not confuse this process with relaxing Biblical standards or lacking an overall purpose and vision.

Soul Winners for Christ (and Urban-Suburban Partnership) have sponsored a Pastor’s Luncheon with this very goal in mind.  Note that resources includes mutual prayer.  This could be an even greater pool of resources and needs.  And MPC expects to be a resource for others just as they have been doing with associated churches in Africa.

MPC has Preachers and Choirs ready to serve in ministry here in America.

Of course, then there are missionary efforts we could support in Africa and Europe.  And Evangelistic  Meetings could use resources from both sides of Atlantic at each Evangelistic Meeting.


Slide # 9 – I’ll pretty much read this verbatim.


African churches are much like the Church of Smyrna in Revelations.  And American churches more closely resemble the Church of Laodicea.

African Ministries have been tested by fire.  Their perspective shows us what is most important.  They can more readily see the confusion in Western culture over determining “needs” from “wants”.

In past, Pastor Bill Haeer of Abundant Life Church, has sponsored many African Pastors who have had a “calling” to come and preach, not just in America, but here in Dayton, specifically.  What are chances that Dayton Ohio is well known in Africa?


Slide # 10 – I will repeat some of this, plus mention my own experience with the Gospel Mission, the Other Place, and the Miami Valley Women’s Center.


Our various churches may have some association with some of ministries above or like-minded ministries.  MPC is not intending to do ministries that are already being done.

But we made be able to help coordinate some cross-denominational projects or support efforts.  And churches may be able to team up to provide more effective support.

Through collaboration, we have a means to share resources and not just between churches – but between para-church ministries around Miami Valley.

For practical purposes, could we say counties surrounding Montgomery County are in “Miami Valley”?  Or would we define “Miami Valley” as area within viewing areas of Dayton TV Stations?



Slide # 11 – I would say something similar to this for each bullet on the slide.


Preachers from Africa would have a clearer vision of Gospel free of the distractions of wealth.

This would be another culture that could take a fresh look at American culture.

The African Pastors have a keen sense of importance of evangelism.

There are choirs in Rwanda that are anxious to be involved in American Evangelistic Meetings.


Slide # 12 – I’ll pretty much read this verbatim.


Movement for Christ International Ministry (MPC) is a robust Evangelical and Benevolent non-denominational Christian organization operating in Rwanda and surrounding countries.  The organization was founded by its current President Pastor Silas Kanyabigega.

But MPC could use resources and Christians from Miami Valley to fill great needs that still exist in that part of world.

Africans have spoken to me (Jim Worcester) about needing help in Agriculture.  I have dismissed this in past, because I recognize even at time of age of European Exploration sub-Saharan Africans were farming with metal tools.  It may have something to do with lack of family farms and agriculture being concentrated in hands of large land owners.

There is also a lack of family businesses.  Communication between American and African units of MPC could provide a market for small businesses.  And combining with Micro-Economic organizations along with support of local churches (working together) would foster successful entrepreneurs.

As with any other church mission, Christians from Miami Valley could help with church planting, youth programs, English tutoring, etc., as part of short term mission trips.


Slide # 13 – I will emphasize the 1st and last paragraphs of these notes.  The rest just parallels the bullets on the screen.


How does all of this translate to increased evangelism and service in America, Europe, and Africa?

First, we have a pool of resources and people from our churches here.

This is a vision of larger “church” of Dayton and the Miami Valley working in concert with the larger “church” of East and Central Africa.

We would be working as a non-denominational body with a non-denominational body in Africa.

The divisions in any society are usually only apparent to people in that society.  Could we have seen the “differences” between the good Samaritan and the injured Jewish person lying next to the road from/to Jericho?  Would we see the differences between Hutu or Tutsi.  And I’ve not experienced Africans having any bias based on black or white in America.  So do Africans not see our differences?



Slide # 14 – This is where we start to examine the idea of the scope of the MPC Mission in the Dayton Area.  This is an intimidating list.  My list of questions is meant for us to take a much more realistic view of what’s achievable (and needed) in the near future.


Let’s look at the current ministry of the MPC in Africa today.

Above is the current structure of Ministry in Africa.

Based on the number of churches in MPC, this indicates a high level of involvement in the ministry.

Could we expect as high of a level of involvement on the part of American Churches?

Is it reasonable to duplicate this same structure in America?  Are there areas of service provided by African Churches that are missing in America and the Dayton Area?

Is this where a serious examination of avoiding duplication begins?

Are there a sufficient number of available and interested persons to staff an organization this large?

How much of their time would be committed to these ministries?




Slide # 15 – I will mention that in the notes, that this is your response to some questions I had asked you.  And that is just a small portion of all of the ministries of MPC


In RWANDA, service of women in MOVEMENT FOR CHRIST helps women with:


– To gather in small associations of small shop with a small credit from WORLD VISION or small credit from Micro finances,

– Prayers 1 time per month, and a biblical study,

– Seminar for exchange of ideas about family life and others,

– women discuss on which development projects to adopt.

women have a big part in Evangelization, etc…


In general, women meet and discuss together on priorities of projects to adopt according to country.

For biblical school that I told to you yesterday, students do not finance anything but our Team leader in Germany helps us only for activities of school by giving courses directly to students, and by correspondence. Their Missionary comes in Rwanda 1 time  per year to collaborate with us in giving Diplomas to finalists. We make a party, and no more after that.


project in against HIV/AIDS is financed most, there I can affirm that it is much of money for project, but Government enters in our activities and manages money, because money comes from financial Partners of foreigner and passes by Presidency. See pictures in “Service page” on Web.


But, there are projects that I made before my departure, which goes be financed soon. Committee also made more projects after my departure.


Remember that our Ministry is operational, and our vision is Evangelization, especially. This field is strongly operational.


In BURUNDI they made a plantation of forest on a great extent. It’s also a large project which will collect much of money.


  • Evangelical Centers
  • Clinics and Hospitals
  • Guest-housesHow many churches are involved : All churches members of Movement for Christ in Rwanda.

Who is person responsible or heading committee for these efforts: Mr Elisée MUNYEMANA.

Numbers and Locations of units completed, under construction, or being planned: Being planned.

amount of money budgeted and current expenses: $ 2000000




Slide # 16 – I will emphasize that the letters in the notes are an example of your close involvement.  And of course, we have the same opportunity for annual BGEA Crusades in Dayton.


There following 2 letters in my beginning  with BGEA International Ministry:
Fw: Web Form Response (International)

Richard Rezac <>


AjouterJeudi, 4 Avril 2002, 17h34mn 02s

Thank you for expressing interest in Billy Graham films!  It is wonderful to
hear from so many who wish to use these powerful evangelistic tools around
world!  We partner with many different evangelists, churches, mission
groups and others around world in spreading of Gospel.

I have attached two documents that should help us determine how we may be
able to work together.

first is a short survey form.  Please complete this form and return it
to me via mail, email or fax.  second is a list of our titles in
French.  If there are other languages that you would need, let me
know and I can check on availability.  You can also see these documents at

If you have any problems opening either of these titles, please let me know.

God Bless!

Richard Rezac
International Film and Video Manager
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
1300 Harmon Place
Minneapolis MN 55403

Phone (1) 612 335 1300 X4502
Fax  (1) 612 338 6103
As you already know, Billy Graham Association is re-locating to Charlotte, North Carolina.  With such a large organization, it will take many months to re-locate entire association.  International Ministries has been tasked to lead way, and will be in Charlotte in a few short weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity thank all of you for your warmth and support during my time in International Films.  This has been an unparalleled opportunity to work with so many wonderful brothers and sisters in spreading Word around world, and I will sorely miss working with you.

I’m pleased to inform you that Paul Kurtz, who worked faithfully for years in our international film department, will again assume responsibility for this powerful ministry.   He will now be your primary contact for Billy Graham films and videos.  As many of you have worked with Paul over years, I know he is excited to renew his relationship with his international friends and to make contact with our new partners.  You can contact him at

I will continue to pray for you and your ministries after I have left BGEA.  My last day here will be September 6th.  I would love to stay in contact with you, and you can contact me after September 6th at

In His Name,
Richard Rezac




Slide # 17 – I just noticed – all I have is a contact list – there’s NO description of the organization.



CountryCityDirectorE-mail Address

Burkina FasoKongoussi, BamBadini, Seydou

Burkina FasoOuagadougou    Ouedraogo,

Burundi   Bujumbura  Nduwimana, Manasseh

Burundi   Bujumbura  Nzishura, Simeon

Cameroon      Kumba  Aaron, Agbor Enow
Canada    Edmonton, Alberta  Plamondon,

England   East Yorkshire  Drinnan, Pat p&

Ghana      Takoradi     Agyare,

Ghana      Aflao    Ameku, Wisdom

GhanaAccra  Aseyoro

GhanaAccra  Fosu,

GhanaKumasi      Owusu-Ababio,

IndiaGurupuraDaniel, Mari Eswarappa

IndiaKolar Gold FieldsEnoch,

IndiaChurachandpur   Haokip. Lhunkhohao



IndiaChennai  Raj, S

IndiaBangaloreRoy, Eben

IndiaPiduguralla    Mathangi,

IndiaVisakhapatnam    SunderSingh, Paka

KenyaNairobiMuela, Nicolas

MalawiLuwinga   Chirwa, Thompson &

MalawiKaronga   Mzulumba, Tonnie

Mali     Camako    Dembele,

NigeriaLagosFeyisetan, Johnson A

Pakistan    Lahore      Musaffar, Yousaf

PhilippinesNavalGamboa, Cecile
Rwanda Kigali   Kanyabigega,

South Africa JohannesburgMasih,

TanzaniaDar Es SalaamMbwambo,

TogoLome  Azato,

TogoLome  Dzoko,

TogoLome  Gnon, Kofe

Uganda  Soroti  Emolu, Ebasali &

Zambia   Mazabuka  Ndhiovu,


Slide # 18 – This is where we start to discuss where MPC goes from here.


Notes on this page are intentionally blank.

They are meant to be filled in by the persons that are assembled here today.


Slide # 19 – There are no notes on this Slide.  This is where we as a preliminary committee, assign tasks and responsible persons and time tables before our next meeting.


Project Name Description Responsible Person Report Date