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Dr. Silas Kanyabigega is a Minister (Elder) in USA Free Methodist Church. See He is also known through the book he wrote: True Faith. See He wrote also the book: Kwizera, and the the book “Les Charismes Spirituels, à la lumière du Nouveau Testament, cas des Eglises au Rwanda”.

Rev. Pastor Silas Kanyabigega is the founder of Radio Kwizera. See ☀ He is also the President of International Movement for Christ. See

Early life

KANYABIGEGA was born in Bweza. Bweza is one of the locations of Mugozi, located near the Lake Kivu, surrounded by forests. Mugozi is located in Rwamatamu – Kibuye. Now this area is located in Nyamasheke District, Ouest Province Rwanda.

Kanyabigega Silas was born and grew up in a Christian family. His father Buhake Thaddee was a Leader of a Local Church of Free Methodist Church in Rwanda, located at Bweza, Mugozi. For Free Methodist Church, see It was In 1959 that BUHAKE started the Free Methodist Chapel of Mugozi, which stills working even now. A little before, he had implanted the Adventist Church of Kinunu, in Gisenyi, now Ouest Province (Rwanda). He was Adventist Catechist before becoming Free Methodist Catechist. Then, after becoming Free Methodist Catechist, it’s when he started the following Free Methodist Chapels: Nyagatovu in Rusenyi, Gishyita,

                 Mu Ishya in Gishyita,
                 Buragiza near Mu Ishya, Gishyita,
                 Mugozi in Rwamatamu

Kanyabigega Silas mimics the way of his father in implanting the Free Methodist Church in Kinyinya, and in Bumbogo, located in Kigali-Rural Province at that time. For the moment, Kinyinya and bumbogo are located in Kigali City Province.

The Free Methodist Church was not known in the area above.

KINYINYA Parish was founded in 1990. The Chapel of BUMBOGO is founded in 2002.

The Free Methodist Church, Kinyinya Parish, began in the same house where lived Kanyabigega Silas’s Family , married on April 1, 1989, but not yet Pastor (1990). He became Pastor 1991.

In a brief delay, the Church growth, and we decided to move the Congregational church to a rented house of Nyabyenda, located at Murama, and we transformed the House-Chapel, in order to have a picture of the church.

After the war and Genocide of 1994 we move to another house at Murama. That house was very close to the building of the Parish Kinyinya which works even at this time.

In 2002, again by the initiative of Pastor Silas KANYABIGEGA, The Free Methodist Church, Parish Kinyinya, built another Chapel at Bumbogo. Both chapels are still working well. Silas Kanyabigega is now a Pastor in the USA Free Methodist Church. See


Kanyabigega Silas was born on May 10, 1958, in Mugozi, Rwamatamu District, Kibuye Province at that time.

Brothers and sisters of Silas Kanyabigega are Mukangwije Tamar, Ngoboka Naasson, Kamabano Assiel, Gakwerere Anastasius, Segatake Simeon, Mukamazimpaka Xavera, Mukakinani Azera.

My father, Thaddeus Buhake was one of the sons of Ntamuvurira who was one of the sons of Kanyoni. Kanyoni was one of the sons of Ndorimana and Ndorimana was one of the sons of Segatake, Segatake was a Umugesera, one of the clan groups in Rwanda. Segatake lived in Gisaka of Abazirankende in Kibungo. My father was born in Mugozi. The place of our ancestors was Gisaka of the Abazirankende, where was part of the Bagesera group. The oldest ancestor known to us is Segatake (1). My father’s mother was Nyirashyirambere and her birth place was Mubuga in Kibuye (2).

Claudia who lives also at Mubuga is the aunt of Buhake Thaddeus. (2) Nikodemu is Claudia’s brother. Their mother was Elizabeth.

The Brothers of Buhake Thaddeus are respectively: Rwabashi Timothy, Byambwene Esri, his sisiter was Nyirangoboka Paulina. Buhake was born in 1920 and died in 1994. R.I.P.

His father Ntamuvurira was born at Mugozi too. Kanyoni was born in Gisaka of Abazirankende, he moved and settled in Rubengera, and remained there for around 10 years before descending and living at Mugozi, Rwamatamu, Kibuye.

NYAMPETA, BAHIGINUMA, are sons of Rwirungu. Rwirungu is one of younger brothers of NTAMUVURIRA.


The population in these moments were in search of the land and plots to settle, cultivate, or to livestock. It was under the King’s reign of Rwabugiri, father of the King Musinga. (3)

Kanyabigega Silas’s mother is Julie Nyirumulinga. She was born in 1922 and died in 1994. R.I.P. Her parents lived in Kibuga at Rwamatamu. Her father (tall and slender) is Mpabuka. Her mother (tall and biggest) is Nyirasikubwabo. (4)

Her sisters are: Mukantagara Delina + who lived in Muramba, and her husband was Gasaku. Another sister is Gatorano + of Nyamasheke-Cyangugu- who probably looked like my mom. other sisters are Kankesha Mariana of Nyakiyabo of Muramba-Rwamatamu, and Nyirankesha Catherina of Cyiya-Rwamatamu (died on November 6, 2016). Both are of the same age. Her brother was Nkejabami, who looked like her, like my mother’s mom, and like me as well.

Who was Nyirasikubwabo (my mother’s mam, Grandma) ? Nyirasikubwabo, of clan Umunyiginya, was born in Kigarama (near Kibingo, a Catholic Parish, in ex Commune Rwamatamu, now Nyamasheke District. She looked like mam Julie, and myself as well. Reference: where lived Pastor Assiel Niyihaba, of Rwanda Free Methodist Church. Now a Free Methodist Parish is established there. She was the Aunt of Nsabimana. Nyirasikubwabo was sister of Nyiraremesha Sara, who lived in Mahembe, near Kigarama. She was also sister of Nyirangabo (mother of Karubera Delina). Mbonabucya of Kigarama, and Ndamyumugabe Protais of Kigarama-Murambi, (the only one of them I know), are her brothers. Her father was Batara, lived in Kigarama. Muhoza came Cyangugu to Kigarama was the father of Butara.

Who was Mpabuka (my father’s mom, grandpa)? Mpabuka, of clan Umusinga was from Murunda, Gikoro. He was one of Abarera, Abakoro. This surname Abakoro is from the name Gikoro. His sisters were: Ntibanderera who stayed in Gikoro, another one was Ntibisasirwa who lived in Kibuga of Rwamatamu (I saw his location). Another one was Bukuyemuye. The father of Mpabuka was Mitunu. Mitunu’s wife was Nyiranguge. The mother of Mpabuka was Nyirampirwa. (5), (Kankesha, on January 24, 2016)

MPEREKEZA is my indirect mother’s brother (?). NTIBISASIRWA was Mperekeza’s father, and MPABUKA’s brother. ( Segatake)


Kanyabigega Silas’s Career

Silas Kanyabigega attended Sunday school at Bweza in the Free Methodist Church of Mugozi.

He attended Kindergarten School by Frédéric Buguru to Karambo – Mugozi.

He attended Primary school in Kigarama and continued his Primary Education at the Primary School of Musengesi at Rwamatamu. He spent the last year of his Primary studies at Shara-Bugarama – Cyangugu Province.

His High School’s studies at the Official Technical School ” E.T.O Don Bosco of Kicukiro, located in Kicukiro District, He attended Engineer Radio-TV-Hi-fi-SONO Formation of Belgium, in Europe,

KANYABIGEGA Silas holds a Bachelor's degree in Theology and Religious Science from the National university of the Protestant churches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC.

He attended Theological Studies in Master’s degree of Divinity(M.Div..) in the United Theological Seminary in the US, see and then at REGENT University, in Virginia Beach, USA, see Graduated in Master of Divinity. Rev. Silas kanyabigega is now Doctor in Theology. He is graduate Doctor of Ministry from UTS in New York City, USA.

Outside the Rwanda

He is the Founder of the Movement for Christ Rwanda – M.P.C.R

Later, he started the Movement for Christ in Burundi, Movement for Christ in Congo-Kinshasa, Movement for Christ in Tanzania, Movement for Christ in Uganda, Movement for Christ in Kenya, Movement for Christ in Congo-Brazzaville, Movement for Christ in Cameroon, he also started International Movement for Christ in the United States. See – I.M.C – United States of America

Kanyabigega Silas’s Writings

Order the Book True faith. The Publisher is WestBow Press. WestBow Press is a self-publishing alliance of HarperCollins Christian Publishing. WestBow Press is a Division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. To buy the book, just 2 clicks on Book: TRUE FAITH is published on Amazon. Click on the following Link: ☀

Book: KWIZERA Yesu Kristo. Published on Amazon. Click on the following Link: ☀

Book: Les Charismes Spirituels, cas des Eglises au Rwanda. Published on Amazon. Click on the following Link:

He is also Founder (July 2012) of Radio kwizera, Website of Radio Kwizera is ☀

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(5) Kankesha Mariana on January 24, 2016